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 The Smart DANY Tablets

The world is evolving rapidly and so is the technology. Dany brings you the latest of technology gadgets, the Tablets. The Genius Talk Dany Tablets are the remarkable ones from the technology innovator, allowing for extensive configurations as that of a laptop and simultaneously bringing you the comfort of a mobile phone. The Dany Tablet technology is now outsmarting expensive mobile phones that are lacking in screen configurations and are expensive as well. Available at all leading online shopping stores, DANY can now be purchased online. Jambo.pk brings you exclusive discount prices so that you have your smart DANY while saving a few extra bucks.

Low Cost Smartness

Dany brings you the low cost tablets that are smart in design, have astounding graphics and are created for user convenience. Colored and metal case, these tablets have the best of processors installed, bringing you the same experience as you will find in your laptops. Now, either watch dramas, movies, play games, or simply work on your word files, these tablets are durable and handy. No need to worry about your big laptop backs, as these small marvels can be carried out easily. Nothing more than the size of your personal diary, the tablets can be carried just like your phones and do not require your precious bag space. There is nothing selling as fast as these popular phones. Don’t believe us about the price, just scroll through the long list at Jambo.pk and know it yourself from Pakistan’s leading online shopping store.

The Popular T500

What else could define Dany’s popularity other than its own T500? The 5 multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800, is supported with a 1.2 GHz processor allowing you to swipe and stride your screen without getting your device stuck. The primary camera is of 8 megapixel and is further complemented with a latest ARM Mali 400, GPU. So, take as many pictures and enjoy your games and videos without any distortions.  

As Dany likes to call it, play hard, work smart and be the dynamic user you deserve to be. It is not only technology that makes Dany tablets one of the most intriguing ones, but they also bring elegance, making your lifestyle classy. So what are you waiting for scroll through the smart list and choose between the Genius Tablets or the Q range.