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Tablet Price in Pakistan

Light Weight Tablets

Cannot have a Laptop, for it’s too heavy? Cannot have a Cell Phone, for it lacks functions? Go for a Tablet. It’s lighter than a laptop and has more comprehensive functions than a cellphone. A solution for today’s fast moving life, Tablets will bring you back on track and pace up your solutions. Why carry two different gadgets when you can be done with a single piece. The next generation, Phablets now bring you calling features as well. And if you are the old school guy and have an awkward feeling using on-screen keyboards, you can now have Tablets with detachable keyboards that can be used or detached as per convenience. Old school or the new generation, we all hate going to crowded outlets and wasting our time knowing about specifications and features. makes sure that you are well attended to in this regard. Pakistan’s leading online shopping store brings you the ease of choosing from your couch and getting your new tablet delivered on your door step. We have all of the leading brands available at best prices, including, Apple, QMobile, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, and Danny.

Here are 3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Have a Tablet

  1. Battery Life

Unlike phone batteries that keep on running low and interrupt connectivity, tablets give you that extra edge. You can go on and on without worrying about your battery life. From 200 mAH to the more powerful 4000 mAH ones, tablet batteries are more lasting then mobile phones but may not bring about the same feel as that of laptops or personal computers.

  1. Light Weight

We understand that having a light weight laptop would even at times feel like a huge burden on your shoulder. After all it is not as comfortable as a cellphone that you slide in your pocket. Here is a chance to get away from your heavy backpack. These note book size (or at times smaller) tablets take away the heavy aspect and, though, you cannot have them in your pocket, you can freely carry them along.

  1. Application Freedom

What is that lures you towards laptops more than phones? It is simply the freedom of applications. You can install as many programs and run as many software without worrying about the space or speed, something that your cellphones don’t bring to you. But you cannot simply carry your laptop everywhere, and with all the load of information you store it is risky to lose it. Tablets come handy in such situations. Now have the freedom of having same application and software with the freedom of moving with it. Tablets are equipped with processors of more than 1.2 Ghz. The processors allow for quick and interruption free working. Multi-tasking and high quality audio video processing is now a reality, even without personal computers.

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