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Xiaomi Mobile Phones

The Next Generation Smartphones by Xiaomi

Xiaomi brings you smart technology, creative designs, plausible price range and out-of-the-box customer support. The mobile phones have all that one may expect from Xiaomi, one of the leading mobile manufacturing company.

The intelligent offerings that Xiaomi has in its wide range of mobile phones reflect constant innovation. Xiaomi for now is manufacturing smartphones powered by Android and Xiaomi’s personally designed operating system. The meteoric rise of the company has largely been because of mobile phone selling. Currently Xiaomi has two different set of mobile phones, the RedMi and Mi. Each family has various phones, all that have been highly successful.

The RedMi family has the personalized Xiaomi operating system and do not have user changeable batteries. The family is being sold relatively at lower price as compared to the Xiaomi, and hence could be called a common man’s choice.

The Mi phones are powered by globally established Android operating system and carry all the latest magical features. The price range for the Mi phones is slightly more than the RedMi for their advance technology, yet are far more economical then any of the leading brand present in market.

Xiaomi’s biggest success story happens to be its Pro Model that has taken the market with complete surprise and is there to give competitors some real tough time. The next generation smart phone is as advance as Apple, as stylish as HTC and as low priced as Samsung, Xiaomi is offering the combo of all three leading brands in a single package. The high fidelity audio quality, superfast LTE support and a dual 4g-SIM support (multiple size) has brought users a dream choice that is there to live. But we know there are far better ones lined up, taking mobile technology to a complete new level, after all its Xiaomi we are talking about.