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From X to Z: Sony Mobile Phones

The Japanese company Sony Mobile has a fairly extensive catalog of smartphones. Given the vast number of alternatives and proposals made ??by the leading manufacturers of mobile with Android, companies have no choice but to deploy a number of equipment designed for all ranges, tastes and needs.

High-End Mobile

The current flagship of Sony Mobile is an intelligent high - end mobile phone that offers the highest technology of the Japanese manufacturer. Its price is certainly high, but is worth its data sheet. The Sony Xperia Z3 known for having a screen of 5.2 inches and a quad - core processor at 2.5 GHz, able to combine its operation with 3 GB of RAM and the latest versions of the Android operating system. In fact, this is a priority device when formalizing updates. The camera is another of its great features. Not surprisingly, it has a 21 megapixel sensor that will provide a virtually capture professional images.

A mobile for selfies

The Sony Xperia Ultra C5 has excellent potential when it comes to taking selfies, it is big and wide, to become the favorite phone of the younger audience. If you are interested in capturing autofotos, maybe this is an interesting model for you that includes two 13 megapixel cameras, one located on the front and one at the rear.

A submersible with water proof feature

Do you forget your phone in pocket while swimming? For in that case, the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua seems a wise solution. Virtually all Sony equipment have protection solutions from harmful elements, such as water or dust, but this is a Sony mobile phone that expressly provides the advantage of being waterproof, thanks to certification IPX8, which lets you use it in the pool or any other water or wet environment.

Low cost 4G

If you are not interested in overspending on the next purchase of your new smartphone, perhaps the Sony Xperia E4G can become an excellent alternative for you. It is compatible with 4G networks, which allow users to enjoy data download and a much more streamlined navigation through 3G.

With 4K videos

The Sony Xperia M5 is especially designed for those users seeking a plus in the section of the camera. FullHD integrates a 5 - inch screen and eight - core processor with 2GB of RAM. But if anything stands this device is its 21.5 megapixel main sensor, suitable to enjoy excellent catches. This camera combines functionality with a LED flash and autofocus hybrid technologies, essential to gain greater accuracy. To all this we must add five digital zoom magnification and a lot of own applications: the superior auto mode, Creative Effect, Face In, Style Portrait or TimeShift Video. Best of all is that this camera allows you to record video in 4K resolution. And if you had enough with this camera, you should know that the Sony Xperia M5 includes a front sensor of 13 megapixels very well equipped.