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Windows Phone With Extended Battery Life

Jambo.pk brings the world of Microsoft phones for your selection. Now buy the best of Nokia/Microsoft phones and enjoy the ultimate operating system, Windows itself. Microsoft since its inception has transformed the operation world dynamics with the help of its Windows operating program. The same classic, trusted and user convenient operating system is available in the form of Windows Phones.

The Microsoft World

You can find all of the Nokia Lumia phones here at Jambo.pk, Pakistan’s leading online shopping store. The Lumia phones are now sold under the banner of Microsoft and bring along with them the same level of high proficiency, Microsoft is known for. From the cheapest of windows phone, Lumia 430 Dual Sim, to the more expensive versions, Lumia 950 XL, we have it all here on Jambo.pk.

The Extended Battery Life Phones

If you are tired of charging your mobile phone every now and then and if you are looking for a device that can help you make through your whole day while allowing you the freedom of making hour long calls and unlimited net surfing, the Lumia should be your choice. The Windows phones are supported with powerful batteries, and allow for uninterrupted usage.

Enlarged Displays

Unlike the iOS and Apple powered phones, Windows phones are more about large display screens and enlarged icon appearance. So, if those minute details were irritating and if you have the craze of having large displays, then Windows phones should be your choice. You will also enjoy the privilege of having similar windows programs that you are used to of on your laptops and desktops.