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OPPO Mobile Phones – Another Name of Style

Oppo is one of the best brands of Chinese mobile. Their mobile phones have finishes and hardware that stands above most Chinese brands and that can be compared with the big brands that sell in the country (Samsung, Apple, Sony, etc).

Oppo chose to ride on their mobile phones high performance Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and leave aside Mediatek low cost (although it also has models with this processor, such as the Oppo R819), besides using sensors for the camera as known and recognized in the industry i.e. Sony (with its Exmor sensor). Oppo Mobile phones bring exceptional cameras that can record video in full HD with 100% image quality you need.

High-end large screens

Large screens are the forte of OPPO mobile phones. With high resolution and perfect contrast and brightness balance, OPPO phones screens are pure visual treat. Within this range, they have the OPPO Find family with more traditional models such as the Find 7 noted for the higher resolution screen and more memory.

Camera Innovations

The N family of OPPO mobile phones focuses on exploiting new features like the rotating camera, we saw in the previous Oppo N1 and appreciated in the Oppo N3 for its improved performance along with built-in part of fingerprint sensor at rear.

Powerful mid-range

A step below, in what could be considered a high average range, we find the new Oppo R7 and Oppo R7 Plus. These OPPO phones have chosen a very classic minimalist lines with all-metal unibody, enclosure made ??of aluminum alloy and magnesium and a screen tailored with some curvature on its side. The screen size in the case of R7 Plus increases to 6 inches compared to 5 inches of R7, the internal memory is 32 GB in the R7 Plus, which also has fingerprint reader fingerprints on the back.