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OnePlus Mobile Phone is a New Chinese Dragon

With OnePlus One and OnePlus 2, a new Chinese dragon comes to Pakistan, to compete in the mobile market against Samsung and Apple. It is quite impossible now to no longer know OnePlus in the world of smartphones. Chinese brands have in a short time become a major industry seller.

One of the most notable differentials is that these OnePlus smartphones come equipped with their own operating system, the oxygen atoms, which is a variation of Android with some of the most popular applications already included, as Swiftkey (the application for the keyboard more discharged the world) or the Dark Mode (which improves energy savings of the screen).

The OPPO mobile phones bring unique features that allow you to perform selective actions without unlocking the device. For example, with the phone off, you can draw a circle with your finger and it will activate the camera; or you can draw a "V" and turn on the flashlight. The same with built-in music player and alarm settings and notifications.

Why have the OnePlus phones attracted so much attention? On the one hand, its high caliber features contained in quite cheaper than the high-end devices. On the other hand, its innovative proposal refers to exclusivity. Many avid users, of new technological experiences, have seen in these Chinese phones an alternative to popular smartphones. Having an OnePlus is like breaking the stereotype. As a return to the old Apple slogan, "Think different" that so many passions moved on consumers.

The best Features

  1. Camera. With the largest sensor on the market, a bright optics, optical stabilizer, and laser focus ensures high quality images that also shoots in manual and later saves in RAW format.
  2. The side button. It is a very interesting development because it allows to choose the notifications that we receive without even taking the terminal.
  3. Speed. With 4 GB of RAM, 64 - bit architecture, and a brain eight - core 1.8GHz, lovers of the most demanding games have no problems about it.