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Enjoy Simplicity of Life with Nokia Mobile Phones

Just when you thought that you will not be seeing any of the traditional phones by Nokia – that ruled the world for decades – just because Microsoft bought the company, you were wrong. Nokia has brought its basic mobile phones back into the market and that with a bang.


Despite being discontinued for years, the iconic 3310 Nokia mobile phones are still ruling the internet via memes for their durability and strength. And this is not the case with 3310 only, every Nokia mobile phone is durable enough to last for minimum 5 years. Drop it daily or use it at beaches, break the screen or tear its speaker, these phones just simply do not stop working.


In the age of technology advancement when smartphones have converged every possible activity to a single device like photography, meetings, writing, call cabs, delivering food, and even to turn on/off your appliances, Nokia brings simplicity to our lives. Nokia mobile phones are simple with no modern luxury, but fulfilling the most traditional communication system; voice calling.


Nokia mobile phones have aimed to stick to the basicity that once ruled the world of communication. Simple texting, voice calling, good music player, physical keyboards, and FM radio are the key features of new Nokia basic mobiles like 105 and 230. The only changes that the company has brought from its old phones are integration of WhatsApp, emails, Facebook, and few other communication apps.


Always carrying an expensive phone such as Samsung Galaxy of iPhone is not a good idea, especially when you are at beach picnic, during sports, or mid-night traveling. Snatchers and robbers are always looking for such handy, yet costly items to steal from you. Nokia mobile phones are best alternate to such accessories. They are pocket friendly and you do not have to worry about dropping or breaking them.