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Featured Phones Enjoy Simplicity

Looking for handy, simple, low cost and simpler version of mobile phones, then you are at the right place. Want an alternate emergency phone or looking for a secondary phone for that extra SIM of yours, you can have it all here at Jambo.pk. You can choose from a dozens of mobile phones and get the best price available on any of the online shopping store. Jambo.pk brings you brands such as GFive, Nokia, Voice, and Rivo.

Why Buy Feature Phone

At a time when it is all about switching to smartphones we bring you reasons you should be trusting a featured phone over smartphone.

a)      Easy to Carry: Unlike the smartphones, the featured phones are small in size and are easy to carry. So if those bigger ones were irritating you, go for a feature phone.

b)      Better Battery Life: Most of us have yet not forgotten the Nokia 3310, and it’s never ending battery life. Where your smartphone will be drying up here and there, the feature phones keep on going and going.

c)       Simple Features: There is nothing complex about feature phones. A new mobile user will find a smartphone complicated and confusing for its advance features. So if you are looking for a phone for your child or want to give one to your domestic help, get yourself a feature phone and ease them out.

d)      Low Cost: Cheap or economical, the feature phones are the best option for small budget users. You no longer need to fret about getting mugged as the loss will lot lesser than what it can turn out in case of smartphone.

What are you waiting for just get hold of one of the feature phone and enjoy all the above mentioned.