Selfie Sticks
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Selfie Sticks

Selfie Sticks to Meet your Fetish for Selifies

Gone are the days when you had to have someone to take your picture. Selfies have taken their place and become an instant and crazy trend. No place, occasion, event is left where you do not click a selfie. Most of the times we do not need any special moment to click a selfie and we even do that in the most bizarre places like restroom, railways tracks, boundary wall of 10th floor, possibilities are endless. For all these self-clicks, we need selfie-sticks, so we do not have to bother someone else.  

Like any fashion to be selfie stick has gone from being considered a stupid invention, almost indispensable. How? Nobody knows, but selfie sticks are real furor, which has led it become one of the most purchased and gifted item.

Bluetooth selfie-sticks are the most sought after accessories. Bluetooth remote control the shutter of the camera, tripod and monopod holder clip for a beautiful, crisp image. You never have to reach out and take lots of pictures unsatisfied. With the Bluetooth selfie wireless control timer you can effortlessly solve the problem without asking for help from others. It is linked to the phone via Bluetooth and then a simple click allows for photos. The knob allows a distance of 10m to the smartphone. Fully compatible with devices iOS and Android. Metal construction, lightweight extendable sections up to 120 cm in height are available on most of the selfie-sticks. Adjustable multi-angle adapter clicks the best photos and videos without asking for help.

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