USB & Memory Cards
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USB & Memory Cards

USB and SD memory Cards for Safe Data Transfer and Storage

If you need to buy original USB flash drives and SD memory cards for your work, studies, or personal use, has got what you need. Find the one that best suits your needs and start saving your data.

Kingston USB flash drive is an accessory that will help you to store your digital files. USB drive memory ranges from 8GB to 64GB. Its high performance will allow you to use it to ensure optimum transfer of information to a computer, whether dealing with text documents, high-resolution images, videos or audio tracks. It is ideal to have a backup of the important information on your computer.

The performance of the Sandisk Ultra USB flash drive is enhanced to include technology compatible with USB 3.0 ports, a feature that ends up accelerating the transfer process. In addition to saving time, you can use it on various operating systems, which are Windows, Mac or Linux. You can connect it to start enjoying its benefits. They are available in different memory ranges between 8GB to 64GB.

Apart from USB flash drives, SD cards are also used for data transfer and data saving. Gone are the days when floppy disks were used to save data in kilobytes. The SD High Capacity Memory Kingston give new meaning to the concepts of performance and capacity.

Cards Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Kingston Technology are fully compatible with the new 2.00 specification Secure Digital Association. These cards represent a new class of SD memory, as they have been specifically designed to meet the storage needs of digital still cameras and video and other digital recording devices of high resolution images.

With a minimum capacity of 4 GB, SDHC cards offer higher storage capacity along with an improved operation of recording formats compatible FAT file 32. In addition, the Kingston SDHC cards use a new speed rating known as Class (2, 4 and 6), minimum transfer rates that allow better performance to SDHC devices.

If you also in need of these small data storage items, then do not want any longer as the prices of USB and SD memory cards in Pakistan are still affordable for students and professionals alike.