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Acer is one of the oldest laptop providers in Pakistan. If you are using computers for more than a decade, you must remember Acer as the quality laptop providers in Pakistan. Acer laptops are stylish, and processor speed is up to the mark. Acer usually caters to students and people who are the new adopters of Laptops in Pakistan.

If you are looking for an Intel Core i5, 2.6 GHz processor with 4GB DDR3 RAM – that too at the cost of around 50k, you should look for Acer as they have E572G that exactly fits your need. Acer laptops have decent RAM and processor that allow the user to install huge files and work on software like Adobe Photoshop and more.

If you are a programmer or a graphic designer who require heavy software to work with, Acer laptops are the ideal choice for you.

Why Buy Acer?

As discussed above, Acer is the older player in the game so they already have a customer base and trust level that is required in order to sell laptops in Pakistan. Here are few reasons why you should buy Acer Laptops in Pakistan.

  • Acer laptops are stylish, contain a good processor, and RAM, which is required in any ideal laptop.
  • Acer is the idea laptop for students and freelancers who are using their laptops as a money making a machine (in a way).
  • They have a processor that will allow you to install heavy software and work on it without lagging.


Jambo.pk and Acer Laptops in Pakistan

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