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Chargers – Charging Lives

Looking for an additional support for your laptop or want to replace your old charger with something better and economical. Want yourself to have a charger that can last long and still saves you money, well promises all that here. The page will help you select from a wide range of branded chargers, and brings you some of the best prices offered in town by online shopping stores.

From individual chargers to multiple universal chargers we have them all here. With disturbed load and fake chargers available in the market it becomes real time difficult to get a genuine and long lasting charger. We at promise you genuine most of the items and offer you a free return (conditions apply).

Multiple / Universal Charger

It is quite likely that you have multiple of branded laptops at your workplace or for your domestic use. For this you require a charger that can help you with all of them. Universal chargers solve your management woes. Now you can have all your different laptops charged with one single charger without playing with those extra wires. Just plug out the one charged and plug in the one you want to charge.

The Original Ones

You can also get yourself dedicated branded chargers right here from So, if you are not able to trust the additional brands we will get you a branded one. Now keep your laptops full functional and support them through the original chargers.