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Redefining Gaming - Sony PS4

Jambo.pk brings you the gaming sensation Sony PS4 online. Now buy your favorite gaming console, leading games, gear, and all the byproducts only from Jambo.pk on amazing prices. The PlayStation 4 1TB and PlayStation 4 500GB both are available on Jambo.pk and will surprise you for all the best. And worry not this one is not going to make your bank account run dry.

PS4 Pricing

You can buy PlayStation 4 online from Jambo.pk and enjoy all the best gaming. Be it the sharp displays, the echoing sounds, easy controlling or just the amazing PS4 price in Pakistan, everything simply surpasses all the major competitive consoles available in the market.

Specs and Features on Offer

With a real life touch for gamers, the specs and features are all about making the experience a one of its kind. The recent of the innovation is the game saves and USB compatibility. If you don’t want to spend money to buy the cloud services”, you are free to do so. Simply put in a USB to save the games through the setting menu. The large memory size, be it PS4 1TB or PS4 500 GB, allows for as many in console saving as you want. The standby mode compliments the saving and you can even leave your console unattended for as long as you want to. From amazing color coding to general application, everything speaks of perfection. The small details make PS4 the best for now.

PS4 Games and Controller

The PS4 controllers are exquisite in build. A gamer cannot enjoy his time without the comfort of mastering the controller and PS4 controller just brings that. You can order online all your Play Station 4 controllers from Jambo.pk and have them home delivered. You can also check upon the long list of games that are on display.