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Samsung Televisions: Another Name of Innovation

Samsung has become the benchmark for innovation in technology, whether smartphones, tablets, or televisions, Samsung has upped its games to the unbeatable level. Samsung Televisions come in all sizes that are appropriate for your living room, bedroom, or for your very own theater. From 32 inch LED television to 65 inch UHD curved smart and to the 85 inch plasma, all the varieties of Samsung television are available on Jambo.pk, Pakistan’s premium online store.

Samsung Smart Television

Samsung smart televisions are IPhones of the television world. It’s hard to be surprised when Samsung has presented all kinds of apps and innovations (remote controls with touch control, gesture or voice communication, integrated camera, etc.). The TVs are compatible with other iOS and Android devices. From the IPhone you can control the TV and some applications like YouTube. The integration between other screens is necessary to avoid the cumbersome use of traditional control keypad. On the other hand, the new TVs include hand with a trackpad. Connectivity between devices is key to the multiscreen society in which we live.

Samsung Ultra HD Televisions

Samsung gives users the experience of a world of possibilities in family entertainment through SUHD TV television line, which reproduce content in 4k and offer a quality far superior image with colors, sharper and vibrant. Samsung SUHD curved JS9000 series of 55 and 65 inches, offering 1.2 times greater color range than conventional UHD. The images are as real as the human eye displays. For the use of video games, the user has the choice between playing with a compatible controller or a wireless controller for better mobility, maximizing the gaming experience.

Smart Hub

The new generation of Samsung televisions has renewed Smart Hub interface divided into 5 themed displays that are updated according to our tastes and preferences. Thanks to the system S Recommendation, an intelligent algorithm that learns every day from us to advise the most appropriate content, both local and on the internet. They have also been able to improve all systems of interaction with the TV, either through gestures recognition of new movements as "like", or voice, now much more accurate and efficient.

I do not want SmartTV on my TV!

There are many users who want a TV just to watch their favorite programs. The company has not forgotten such market while making televisions. Samsung televisions also come without smart features. The Samsung LED televisions do not include these platforms. Despite being the lower-end models, simple Samsung televisions are treat to watch as they have crisp images, high resolution, and everything that a high-end television may have without being smart.