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Get Yourself Smart EcoStar Televisions

A sleek design, a compatible technology, and appealing graphics are all that sum up for EcoStar televisions. The brand brings you some of the best televisions that are available in the local market. The technology smart sets have been improvised and have all that you look for in a perfect television. We at Jambo.pk have over a dozen EcoStar television models, all at prices unbeatable by any online shopping store.

The Android Experience

Installed with Android OS, EcoStar brings you the freedom to browse through millions of applications from the Play Sore. From games to your favorite movies, all can now be enjoyed on your big TV screens. And if you are missing on with external connections, the USB ports and HDMI slot would help you connect with gaming consoles, cameras, projectors, and even your personal computers so that you may have the best of experience.

Picture Perfection

Whether it is the HDTV selection or the UTV, choosing between LEDs or Plasma screens you can be certain that you are getting the perfect picture. EcoStar televisions bring detailed resolutions and the perfect combination of brightness and sharpness. The sets are manufactured keeping in view that people of all ages get the most of technology. The protective glass screens makes sure that the vision is not affected even when one keeps on watching for long hours. The light sensing feature along with the adaptive backlight helps in adjusting the display. AKIRA 42MU111 surprises you with its amazing zoom function with 4:3, 16:9, Auto, Zoom 1, Zoom 2 options. You can easily adjust according to your comfort. Want to focus on something in detail? Go for enlargement feature, want to enjoy the greater landscape? Simply zoom out and enjoy the complete picture.

Better Child Lock Feature

Similar to any other leading brand, the smart EcoStar televisions also have enhanced child lock features. While watching something obscene or gore, you can simple freeze the image, and allow for the transmission to move forward. You can later unfreeze and start watching the program. Don’t miss a chance watching your favorite listing from your newly purchased Ecostar. Jambo.pk brings you the best prices available at any of online shopping store.