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The Smart Akira Television

To be awesome is to be different. Akira makes sure that the products that make it out from their assembly line are splendid and are completely different. There is nothing in Akira product line that can be called ordinary. Akira Televisions are produced under the same philosophy and allow for detailed viewership. We at Jambo.pk make sure that this philosophy reaches you via our online shopping store and that you get the best of product. 


The LEDs under AKIRA product line are done with perfection. The claim that their customer is always at the heart of whatever they do finds an epitome in form of television sets. The world of magnification just got magnificent. AKIRA televisions are installed with Narrow Bezel Barren display. These displays make the LED nothing less than a high quality theatre box. The Bezel Barren are thin border around the screen. A thin bezel is 5/16’’ to 5/8’’ wide compared to standard bezels, which are more than an inch wide.

External Connectivity

Other than the metallic base and dual trim cabinets that you will find in most of the AKIRA television sets, it is largely about the external connectivity that makes a set popular or makes it a complete flop in the market. Smart Akira television sets have become a choice of consumers because they have adapted to the changing demands and provide the viewers with easy process of connecting. So, whether you are watching a movie that you downloaded from the internet, or you are playing one of the latest PlayStation game, or simply have connected your workstation with your television, you will need external connections. AKIRA gets you all this done with USB Input compatible (plays more than 70 Audio Video formats) VGA, SCART and Audio Video input support.

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