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Time to Change old Television set with Smarter and HD ones

Is it time to retire old television set? It is a question that pops up in our minds, one too often. With smartphones increasingly becoming more and more powerful, forcing many to change mobile phones once a year, there are few who wonder if the recent innovations in televisions worth enough to change their old screens with a new .

Things have drastically changed in television innovations for the past few years. We previously had only small innovations that never finished curdle entirely in the world of television as OLED displays and 3D format, we now find great leaps with technologies, which are playing an increasing role, especially highlighting the 4K resolution, cloud-based systems, and other online services.

LED Televisions

LED TVs are more energy efficient and ultra-thin. They offer a captivating contrast and vivid colors to achieve an optimal image. With LED TV you ensure high-definition image with better contrast, with bright colors and deep blacks.

4K Screen Televisions

It's just as no one can blame you for wanting to change your old TV with a new 4K screen TV with smart system able to make you play the contents Ultra HD. 4K TVs have come from the hand of a few manufacturers like Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Sony, among others, with an unblemished letter under its arm: images that reproduce quadruple the capacity of full HD and offer a resolution like real life clarity. The still nascent technology in televisions, 4K screens offer a resolution four times greater than Full HD, thanks to its screen size of 4,096 by 2,160 pixels.

Smart Televisions

These TVs are composed of an operating system, a software and a processor. In addition, like smartphones and tablets, more and more applications, created exclusively for Smart TV can be downloaded that can be downloaded and are created exclusively for Smart TV. The multitasking feature also opens an important range of possibilities to the user. We can do several things at the same, such as surfing the web while watching our favorite show.

The long-awaited television demand comes from the hand of these devices. Thanks to its features, programming schedules no longer have importance as able to access all content through applications of each of the chains. In addition, Smart TV offer the ability to record and rewind live, and even see a string while recording another, using for this any hard disk. Some models even carry one built.

3D Televisions

Feel the thrill of a magnificent landscape. Some TVs offer 2D to 3D transformer, so that even if you do not own a Blu-ray 3D can also enjoy your movies by simply pressing a button on the remote.