Dot Matrix Printers
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Dot Matrix Printers

Printing Made Quick with Epson Dot Matrix Printers

The dot matrix printer is a type of printer that works with a head pressing an inked ribbon against the paper (similar to a traditional typewriter). Said head moves from side to side on the page, printing impact (that's why it is also called dot matrix impact printers). In the age of laser printers, the dot matrix printers are still keeping up with their efficient functions.

If you want to have a dot matrix installed at your workplace then opt for the flexible and reliable Epson dot matrix printers. These printers are easily available on online shopping stores. The Epson Dot Matrix printer prices in Pakistan are affordable for companies.

The Epson printer is a 9 - pin dot matrix printer. It is a highly reliable printer 10,000 operating hours without failure so that the outlets will help us if we have to print on continuous paper documents or multiple sheets.

The Epson dot matrix printers consume very little electricity, just 23W when switched on. You can connect to the PC via USB or parallel interfaces or serial. Print speed is measured in characters, in the case of the Epson LX-300 + II is 270 characters per second, although it depends on how you print.

You can use both single multilayer or single sheets, continuous paper, labels, roll paper and envelopes. It is a rather small printer because it does not reach 37 centimeters wide, and background are about 28cm. It comes with software to view and control the status of the printer and is compatible with all major Windows operating systems: 2000, W7, W8, WVista and WXP.

Furthermore, it is dot matrix printer can be adapted to the needs of your company and that you can install several extras such as automatic paper feeder, color enhancement kit and network connection wired and wireless.

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