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Speakers – Bringing Music Live

Irritated with that meek voice coming from your speakers? Want something loud? Want to hear out the real music coming from your computer? Want to feel the base coming from your speakers? Scroll through the available offering on Jambo.pk and enjoy the best of soothing music. We bring you the best speaker prices in Pakistan and some of the renowned brands. From Logitech, lunar and Audionic we have all the leading brands available here. We also bring you wireless and even portable speakers. And if you are looking forward to some additional touch of class, check upon the Bluetooth and wireless speaker listings, here at Jambo.pk.

A Class of Your Own

 Jambo.pk brings you class of your own. Choose from some of the most stylish speakers and bass controllers and equip your systems with echoing sounds. With the introduction of portable speakers this classiness has now reached to new heights. The portable speakers allow you to carry your sound effects anywhere you want to. The portable devices are available in both small and large size. So, if you are a user of multiple and yet do not want your sound control to be disturbed try these.

Wireless / Bluetooth Speakers

Worried with your huge coils of wire that surround your system? Want to free yourself of all those wires? Want to have a placement anywhere in your room? Go for the smart branded wireless / Bluetooth speakers. The Bluetooth speakers also help you to play other devices.