Portable Drives
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Portable Drives

Portable Devices for Convenient Data Storage

Those who have many files on our computer, we know how annoying is the message that reads "insufficient disk space". At that point we realize we need a portable hard drive, not only to help us free up space on our computer, but allows us to simultaneously carry a wealth of information from one side to another. In such scenarios you may want to have a portable device. We suggest you to buy portable devices, including portable hard drive online.

An external portable hard drive can be between 250GB to 4TB of storage. It is common that the ability to influence the size and weight of the disc, so you must choose according to your own needs. For example, if you normally work with text files and need to carry the information from one place to another, it may be convenient to buy a portable hard drive of 500 GB, which tend to be lightweight and easy to transport.

Western Digital portable devices have a reputation amongst its users. The brand has produced some of the best external hard drive in 2016, probably the best choice in value. It is small and lightweight, with a storage capacity of 1TB (also available in 2TB version) and a transfer rate of ultra-fast file. The Western Digital Elements is designed for computers with Windows operating system while can be formatted for Mac. In addition, despite using the new USB 3.0 interface allows seamless compatibility with earlier versions of devices with USB 2.0.

Jambo.pk has many other brands of portable devices. Seagate is considered by many users as the leading brand in data storage solutions, a company that seems to move at breakneck pace that technology to adapt to the new needs evolve. They are specialists in external hard drives with large capacity. This keeps 2TB external hard disk information and has a very fast transfer interface using USB 3.0. Simply plug it to start using it, you will not need any additional software to work.

Toshiba, LaCie, Sony, and Apple portable devices are also available online. Portable devices prices in Pakistan range from 4000 PKR to 60000PKR, depending upon the brand and most importantly the storage capacity.