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Optical Drives

Optical Drives – The User Friendly

You can store your official worksheets and your college presentations in those tiny USBs and gigantic external drives. You can call yourself advance while using the latest of technology yet all your games and favorite movies will still be available on DVDs and CDs. Your desktops and laptops still have that slot for optical drives, and Jambo.pk makes sure you have get the most efficient of those.

The Blue Ray

The latest and the advance most technology, the blue ray optical drives are the latest of optical drives. The blue ray is an environment friendly variant and helps you save over 50% of power consumption. The drives are designed with double data security and provide for encoded file name functionality. The friendly interface with three simple steps to burn a disc make it user friendly. Now buy optical drive in Pakistan from Jambo.pk only, Pakistan’s leading online shopping store.

The Writer Drive

Bringing you the convenience of writing your own copies, the writer drives are compatible with both the Mac and Windows operating systems. The BDXL format support enable the drives to perform better. With an Extreme 6X Blu-ray reading speed you will not be wasting any of your precious time.

The Simplified Versions

With the best optical drive price in Pakistan, the simplified low cost versions are equipped with a M-Disc support and were introduced with a 1000-years storage solution. You can now easily create backup of your data from windows to android all sort of systems.