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Gamepads Transforming Gaming Experience

Looking for the right accessories for your gaming console? What to multiply your fun aspect? Unable to trust the market fake? Well you have landed just at the right page. has it all that requires to convert your ordinary gaming computer in a full-fledged combating system. Bringing you the extreme gamepads, from wire to wireless you are here to get the finest products not available on any other online shopping store.

Changing How You Game

We are here to change the way you game. Trash your old keyboards and burn those joysticks as we bring you the gamepads that will fire you up. Enjoying competing with your friends or play solo with robots. The right game pads will make sure you steer your cars and command your forces like never before.


Looking for some branded companions? DANY GP-500 will make you forget all the rest. With a curve-two handed standard grip, DANY GP-500 has additional thumb press bringing you further control. You will now be able to play with an 8 button combination that brings all the additional game controls. And if you want to look up for something more complex but designed with a slight different variation we will advise you the GP-400. Though missing the thumb buttons the GP-400 has additional secondary buttons that can control volume and brightness alongside.