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In the first moving world of technology, information processing becomes a necessity. The better the technology the swift your information handling becomes. Be it you making your official presentations, your college assignments or simply playing games, you need to have the best of devices at your disposal. brings you the leisure of shopping branded computing devices from the comforts of your sofa and enjoying the chilling air conditioner while we deliver you the best in discounted prices.

Desktops and Chassis

From Mac Minis to Optiplex and from Power Edge to One Apple we have the all the branded desktops available. If you are a computing pro and don’t trust the brands, we at have the right chassis for you. Just select the one that appeals you the most and install all the components for yourself. You can also help yourself from a wide range of accessories available at

LEDs and LCDs

Once done with choosing from the desktops you can now proceed to our dozens of LEDs and LCDs. The display screens available at range from PKR 8000 and go up in hundreds of thousands. The best LED prices in Pakistan, assures you branded high quality display screens so that you can enjoy your gaming and video watching in high definition. You can also scroll through local brands that are available in much cheaper rates.

Printers and Scanners

The best range of printers and scanners you can find on any online shopping store. promises you both quality and price. From Epson to HP and from Ricoh to Canon we have them all here.

And if you still cannot find your desired product simply scroll through our computer accessory page.