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Washers & Dryers

Washers & Dryers – Lets Clean

Now get rid of those all those piled up dirty clothes and save those extra bucks on your laundry services and get yourself a washer and dryer. Make your life easy and care for your beautiful hands when you can easily do so. We at Jambo.pk have all the leading brand washers and dryers. From manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic we have them all. And form single container to the much bigger ones you can now wash as many clothes as you want all at the same time and still save good amount of electricity and detergent.

The Brand Shop

At this online shopping store it is not only about shopping, it is more about shopping the leading brands. From Dawlance to Samsung and from Haier to LG, we only bring the tried and tested brands and make sure that the product reaches you in the best of condition and is delivered scratch-less on your door step. With brand and local warranty available you will be able to enjoy a hassle free service.

The Fully Automatic Wonders

We also have fully automatic machines from Dawlance and Panatron. The fully auto helps you save water as the machine is smart and performs all tasks as per input. You can simply dump in your clothes and enjoy your coffee all along while the machine will do the rest.