Gaba National
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Gaba National

Gaba National – A Brand of Trust

Chill yourself with the best fridge and refrigerator by Gaba National. Pakistan’s number one selling brand is now here at and you are in for some real time discounts. Get yourself the single door or the double door refrigerator, buy the full scale refrigerators on the minis on offer, you will be get the best of freshness.

Gaba Fridges brings you cheap price Gaba fridges with free delivery. The stylish fridges are equipped with high power condensers and brings you the joy of having fresh food and chill beverages. So now you can freeze as many of ice, or stock up as many of your green vegetables and juicy fruits because Gaba brings you spacious vegetable and fruit slides / trays. The minis from Gaba can be just the right choice for your small room requirement. With low energy consumption and high cooling capacity the minis are nothing less than the full fledge standing fridges.

Gaba Refrigerators

Gaba refrigerators are available in 3 different models. You have the standing refrigerators that are tested and certified with ISO standards. We also have the single hatch cubic refrigerators for more economical usage as these are space efficient and can help you save a lot on your bill. And if you are looking for something more complex then go for the full fledge Gaba double hatch refrigerators.