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Affordable Winter Feel around the Year with Orient Air Conditioners

If you want to experience the feel of winter all year around, even when the sun is beaming at its peak just across your bedroom window, then install Orient Air conditioners right now. After paving its way to success through LED television, Orient electronics are now posing tough competition to the big international names with Orient inverter air conditioners and Smart ACs.

Orient air conditioners are powerful and more efficient as compared to many other brands. These ACs are engineered for the extreme summers of Pakistan. The technologies used in Orient air conditioners not only provide cooling at its best, but they are energy efficient to keep your electricity lower than you may think. And, they are readily available on one shopping stores for an instant grab.

Low Power Consumption

Orient has brought next generation air conditioners with the ground-breaking DC inverter technology, along with the variable-speed compressor that consumer power only equivalent to an 80 watt LED light. Orient ACs are manufactured to maintain comfortable temperature while being on low power. The low power consumption not only save your money by lowering your electricity bills, but they can also run on small generators, keeping your head cool during frequent electricity failures.  


Orient split air conditioners have features that bring great satisfaction and give superior results, once bought, we bet you will not regret your decision. Orient electronics not only design its ACs from consumers’ point of view, they also realize their responsibilities towards the environment. Orient ACs have special structure design and microcomputer control. Moreover, these air conditioners also have rotary air vane technology that opens up clockwise in cooling mode, hence releasing less carbon to the air. 


Unlike many other air conditioner brands in Pakistan, Orient ACs are available at affordable prices, so that people from every segment of society have relaxed summers. The astonishing feature of Orient 1-ton air conditioners such as OS-13 MF08W, OS-19 K7 and OS-1AF4 are available on reasonable prices on Jambo.pk. The lower prices of Orient air conditioners also let you choose the best appliance as per your needs and without breaking your bank account.