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Enjoy Healthy Life with Haier Air Conditioner


It is reliable, it is durable, and it is stylish. The Haier air conditioner is there to bring you strength of more expensive air conditioners at unbelievable price. Haier makes sure that you are no longer running after high brands and getting robbed of your hard earned money. All you now need is the trust that Haier brings to you. Offered in multiple sizes including, portable air conditioners, wall mounted air conditioners, and split air conditioners.

At a time when we see brands only focusing on wall mounted splits, the range at Haier is about customer convenience. From the typical window air conditioners to the modern A/Cs, Haier is making models that bring comfort instead of making customers buy the typical options.


The Technology

Haier is not a new entrant in electronic appliances realm, in fact the technology at Haier has years of experience and research. The brand brings you a wide variety of appliances, consumer electronics, and obviously air conditioners. Haier adopt high efficiency second groove inner brass SCRES technology, enlarging the area between refrigerant and brass, improving the efficiency of heat exchanged up to about 30 percent -50 percent. Check upon the latest Haier offerings by scrolling the page at Jambo.pk. You can also check upon other Haier appliances by simply visiting the homepage of the online shopping store.


The Design

And if you haven’t yet checked pictures of Haier’s Long Throw 12 LNA, we are telling you, its al-Magnificento. The red color new design will leave you awestruck. It’s simple, easy to clean and attractive. The metallic surface will keep you staring at your own reflection.


Bringing Purity

What if we tell you that Haier is not just about chilling the environment around you? What if we tell you that the air conditioners are there to look after your air and bring you the most purified breathe? Yes it is so. The bacteria-killing feature cleans air and gets rid of all such impurities. After all it’s not only about the warmth, it is about your wellbeing. So get your Haier air conditioner and enjoy a healthy life.

Purcahse a Haier from Jambo.pk and get yourself a free installation in Karachi. After all online shopping was never such fun before.